Privacy Policy

Friends of Peamount firmly believes in the privacy of all our customers. At all times of our dealings and beyond that we respect and protect the privacy of our users, whatsoever. All the services and websites belonging to Friends of Peamount will be governed by these privacy policies. The policies will be covering all the information submitted by users as well as information available on the site for access or viewing purposes. The privacy policies mentioned below will let you understand clearly the way we will be using your information and the steps you can consider to protect your privacy.

The Privacy Policies mentioned below covers:

  • The information collected by the company and the reason for which it is collected.
  • Usage guidelines for the information collected.
  • Options for protecting your privacy and steps for accessing and updating the information All the privacy policies have been explained in simple manner with reference to certain terms that are used commonly in the domain we provide our services. We are always concerned about the privacy of our users so even if you are an existing or new user, kindly go through our privacy policies for better understanding of the way we work.

Information collected by the company

In general our website can be visited by any user without providing any personal information or data. In addition to that there are certain occasions where we might request your personal details in terms of name, email-id, address, company name, contact number, etc. All the information provided during the course of interaction is kept strictly confidential by the company. When a user visits the website, our web server tracks and logs the IP address or domain name of the host. This is done solely for monitoring and analyzing the trends and statistics related to our website and not for any other purpose. In addition to that, when visiting our website, some cookies may be placed in your system for identification purposes.

Usage guidelines for information collectedy

The information collected by our website is used for monitoring, analyzing trends, maintaining and improving statistics related to our website. It allows us to improve and provide better services to our valued users. While contacting us, we might record all the interaction in order to resolve issues related to our services or website. The contact information provided by the user might be used for informing about new services or updates to our website. The information collected through cookies is used to improve the quality and user experience. However, in case of legal dealings or court procedures related to any investigation we would adhere to the European laws applicable. In case of merger or/and business reorganization, we may be required to share information as desired according to the situation. In any condition while using your information for a purpose other than those mentioned in the Privacy Policy your consent will be asked prior to using the information.

Options for protecting your privacy

Every user has different privacy concerns and this is the reason we want to be clear about the information collected by us. It will be helpful in making up your decision about whether to choose our services or not. A user at any time can opt for enabling or disabling the cookies which will be prompted on their browser while they visit us. However, the point to be noted in this regard is that at times services may not work in the right manner if the cookies are disabled.

Shared Information

Although we never share any information provided by the user in any case, except certain special conditions as mentioned above, if any information is shared publicly on our website, it might be indexed by the search engines.

How to access and update your personal information

If regarding any issue you want to contact us, we require you to provide us with your personal information, however, if at any time you think that the information provided is not correct then you can either fill the contact form again or inform us on the given email address. At times, we may even ask you to prove your identity before acting on your request. We strive towards protecting your information from any kind of malicious attacks and this is why we may not delete your information immediately from our servers.

Information shared by the company

Friends of Peamount does not share any personal information with any third-party until and unless provided with a written consent from your side. If at any time some individual, organization or company asks for your information, we will require you to provide your consent prior to sharing of sensitive personal data. For any type of external processing or storing your information on our servers located at different places, we make sure that we are dealing with trusted individuals and they work in compliance with our privacy policy. We also stress upon making them regulate all the security measures taken by us to protect your sensitive data. In case of any legal emergency or investigation relating to the company or some specified individual, we will stick by the appropriate European laws as applied depending on the case or situation. The specified individual may or may not be informed prior to sharing of information with law regulatory authorities.

Securing your information

We constantly work towards protecting our company and associated users’ information from malicious attacks or data thefts. We perform regular checks to ensure that all the information collected by us is properly stored, processed and enforced with all the security measures to avoid unauthorized access to any kind of sensitive data.

Where do these privacy policies apply

These Privacy Policy apply to all our services included on our website and does not apply to any other services other than those mentioned on the website. The Privacy Policy mentioned on this page does not hold any responsibility for an outside company advertising or promoting our services in any way.

How do we enforce

We regularly perform checks on our privacy policies. In case of any complaints made by a user, we get in contact with the user to follow up. On our end we will try to resolve the matter in as short a time as possible with clarity on each aspect. However, in all legal issues relating to violation of privacy, we will adhere to European laws and regulatory authorities.

Modifications in Privacy Policy

All the Privacy Policy mentioned on this page might change depending on time and situation without any prior notice. All types of changes in this regard will be posted on this page only. No rights of an existing user will be reduced without their consent.